it’s entertainment, people…

Before you get all offended and huffy about something I’ve written, remember this:


First, if you’re (a) My Mom,* (b) My Son** or (c) My Ex-Husband(s)*** please note the following:  I’m probably going to write about you.  I’m going to write about my experience of events or circumstances, which, as we know, will probably not be the same as your experience with the same event or circumstance.  And we are all agreed that, for the most part, my memory sucks and might be a little selective.  Furthermore, I’m trying to entertain people, so I will probably make some shit up to make my life seem more entertaining and dramatic.  (ha…)  Plus, I love you and that is partly why my blog is anonymous.

If you’re a guy I dated and/or had casual sex with and you think I’ve written something about you, relax.  First, it probably isn’t about you.  Dude, I’ve been single forever….do the math.  Second, remember that this is entertainment and I’m letting everyone know that I might add a little dramatic flair to some stories.  Third, if you ended up being a spectacular asshole/psychopath and you recognize yourself in my writing that means you deserve to be written about and you’re lucky I didn’t include your name and social security number, douche.

And I’m going to tell other people’s fucked-up dating and relationship stories too, because this shit is too good not to share.



*If you’re my Mom – I love you! and you might want to skip this aspect of my writing “career”.  There will probably be a lot of cussing and some loving references to how I feel that you pretty much hate men/relationships and no reference to the fact that you feel that I am wrong about this.

**If you’re my awesome son who I love to pieces you should probably not read this blog.  Period.

***If you guys could check back in here often I would really appreciate the boost to my site stats and I would appreciate it if you would not sue me for anything, ever.


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