All About Violetfemme65.

 A whole entire page about moi?  How sweet…..!

 Here’s the thing:  I’m imaginary. 

But that doesn’t mean I’m not fabulous, and charming and irreverent and mostly hilarious.  I am.  Plus I’m wicked smart, have a great career, an awesome body, great hair, small feet and a wardrobe to die for.  I don’t mean to brag, but I”m also a great cook, a patron of the arts, an avid bicyclist and world adventurer.  Impressive, huh?  Even I can’t believe I’m still single. 

The chick who created me is a LOT like me, except for the part where she is 45+, with big feet, a wardrobe full of lawyer clothes that she doesn’t wear, and yoga pants that she does wear (mostly when not doing yoga, which is always) an unhealthy attachment to Diet Coke and reality television involving hoarding and/or women being bitches to one another, is a horrible cook, is practically a shut-in and is intimidated by her bike.  Oh, and she has been divorced more than once.  She also has an awesome kid.  Which means she is living proof that you can totally fuck up parenting and still have an awesome kid.  She is currently semi-employed and lives with her artistic genius Mom, who is ill and probably hates men. 

It’s not at all surprising that she is single.

 She has YEARS of experience being single.  And years of experience with online dating.  Some would say she is an expert.  She is not dating now.  It’s a long story.  But feels called to share some of her expertise and experiences in an effort to (a) help others avoid the shit she has gone through, and (b) expose the underworld of online dating to rational human beings around the globe, it’s not pretty, y’all. 

 But it is usually amusing, once you get past the horror and pain and legal complications…

 Why is she using an alter-ego?  A “pen name” if you will?  Well, it turns out she is not asexual and probably isn’t destined for a life of utter solitude.  Which means eventually she will probably want to meet a nice man.  Which means she will probably have to re-enter the online dating world.  Which means she doesn’t want to advertise that she is the chick blogging about men/relationships/sex/online dating.

 Plus it’s fun. 

Any other questions?  We love questions!! 




3 thoughts on “aboot

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  2. Violet, I do enjoy your writing, but I must be honest. You are too perfect. I’d rather read the thoughts of the poor cook who wears her yoga pants for unintended purposes.

    Best of luck to you.

    • Thank you Jack! It’s true, I am too perfect. Or Violet is. I’m kind of second-guessing myself re: the creation of Violet. I mean, it’s obvious that the real person (moi, not Violet) is the one having these experiences. Maybe I should keep the name but drop the whole fake persona/description? So many decisions…

      Thanks for writing!


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