I’m thinking of letting Wordle write my profile.


I’m kind of an *expert* at, ummm, finding things online to distract me from, ummmm, actually being productive, whatever that means.

Enter Wordle.net.

You can input any old text or hook it up to stuff you’ve already written and it jumbles the words together in neat patterns.  And you get to pick the colors.  And the font.

It can take forever to get it just right.

I connected it to this blog, picked some colors and the above picture is the result.

I love that “BOB” is huge… (and that “fuck” appears more than once)(and that “Hiab” is included)(and “killer means cult person”)


I’m gonna input my Match.com profile and see what happens.  (But I probably can’t share it here, cuz, you know, I’m anonymous….)

Real post coming soon, I promise.